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11-08-2004, 06:22 PM
Trinity Non-Linear Editing System for Sale (Globecaster)
Includes a live switcher, DSK, Audio Mixer, Character Generator, Paint and Animation Program (Panamation), and Special Effects (PFX). Also has pre-made transition effects.
This Trinity system includes Time Machine (NLE) version 2.4 software. It consists of two Y/C sync input boards, 1 SDI in board, 1 warp card, clip grab card, master Y/C output card and 1 SDI output and the upgraded audio XLR mixer, switcher card with 128 MB RAM, framestore card with 128 MB RAM, video net card and coordinator card. It has two IBM 36 gig video drives and one IBM 9 gig audio drive.

It also includes all manuals, software and a big blue box. The host computer is an 800 Mhz athalon with a 40 GB system drive and 80 GB backup, CD drive, 768 MB RAM and Turtle Beach sound card.

Contact Betty and Carlo Mencucci [email protected]