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11-05-2004, 05:20 AM
hi all

Im trying to make my first cg kinda object
a bottle of martini

There is stil lots of work that has to be done.
But im inspired by a tutorial from http://www.liquid-arts.de/

As you can see the problem is i have scanned my labels
and planar mapped them on my bottle.
Now the geometry where i map this on is a rectangle. But my actual shapes of the label ain't ...

So how can i get rid of those black edges than?
- I thought of an alpha layer on top of my actual texture layer... but this doesn't seem to work. I thought black shows the data from the underlaying layer.... and white hides when set to alpha bending mode.
- Also tried to save my lable as a .PNG and map this... but the color wasnt that good.


Hopefully somebody can help
Perhaps im doing this the wrong way

11-05-2004, 08:41 AM
I think for alpha blending white stays and black get cut away.

However, you'll need to use this alpha in pretty much all channels to make the glas and label have different surface properties. Concidering this, perhaps it would be easier to clone and very slightly offset the UVed polys for the label and give them their very own surface. This way you will no longer have to use an alpha on every channel, and you could simply use a clip map to get rid of all the black around the label for good.

Remember though that clipmaps are saved with the scene and not the object. So you'll have to Load from Scene should you want to reuse the bottle and label in another scene. Sad but true! But what I do is store the clipmap layers as deactivated layers in one of the surface channels, then just copy and paste them to the clipmap. To each their own.