View Full Version : Small workflow tweak for "Create key" (Enter key) in GraphEditor

04-08-2003, 12:21 AM
While in the Graph Editor, hitting the Enter key opens the "Create Key" dialog box which let you create and/or set both keyframes and values for a channel non-graphically. It is, or atleast could be the fastest way of entering a long list of keyframes and values, if it wasn't for one very annoying issue.

When numbers have been entered and OK/Enter or Cancel/ESC is pressed to confirm the values, the Graph Editor is made inactive (Lightwave main window becomes active instead). This totally kills the workflow and I guess it must have been an oversight from the NT developement team for I see no reason why it should work that way. LW7.5b appears to have the same issue. It would of course be better if the Graph Editor stay active so you could press Enter again to set another keyframe/value right away. Now you have to click the Graph Editor window to make it active again before making another entry.

Hopefully easy to fix!
Thanks in advance :)