View Full Version : Hydraulics allmost working

10-26-2004, 01:19 PM
I'm trying to make a krane, that consists of hydraulic pump and a extending two part arm.

I have used the "target item" in the Motion Options dialog. The moving is based on moving of one NULL, all other moving is automatic. Now, the problem is that all is working fine when I move the NULL. But when i move the time line the hydraulic pump will jump out of position. The upper part will still move, but slightly missing the target. The lower part of pump will not move.

But then again, when I move the NULL, all seems to be working again, until I move the timeline. Or at least to to point when the scene is updated.

I have attached a picture where I hope everything that is related is shown.

Any Ideas how to fix it, or alternative easy ways of doing the same thing?