View Full Version : 350z tute: Smooth in 'Modeller', Boxy in 'Layout'??

10-23-2004, 08:34 PM
Hey everyone,

following the 350z tute, but also modelling a R34 GTR - i just testing something, brought in a few front fenders into layout, and it goes all boxy??? It's smooth as in Modeller in either 'wireframe shade' or 'texture' views but in Layout it just all goes to crap.

Also, i don't know what i've done but my model in modeller now has gone all boxy too. I've turned on/off/on the smoothing option for the textures but nothing changes. I did something last night and i don't know what it was. And i stupidly saved it cos i was zoomed in on a section and didn't realise what had happened to the whole model until after i zoomed out :(

This is the original, i took a screen before all this happened

And then this happened :(


And THEN when i bring this model into layout......


But comes back a bit when i do a render with high anti-alias


WHAT HAVE I DONE?? I've quadruple checked in Surface Editor that everything has 'Smoothing' on and is 'Double Sided' - Have i turned off another option somewhere, like pressed a shortcut key by mistake.

this project is due very soon as in tomorrow, and if anyone could help it would GREATLY appreciated

10-23-2004, 09:36 PM
if anyone has any suggestions, just anything i might try whether you think it will work or not, just anything that might pop into your head, pls let me know! willing to try anything to get it back to the way it was.

I'm kinda thinking that it's just not 'Smooth' anymore, even tho it's been checked in the 'Surface Editor'


10-23-2004, 09:39 PM
Is your original in modeler subpatched? If so, then you need to either:

1. Freeze it and then export it to layout to get the same look or

2. In layout, open your object properties. and under the geometeries tab are subpatch options, one for display and one for rendering. You can set them higher and get much smoother detail as well.

If it's not subpatched, looking at the color of the polys, it looks like you've got a number of polys that aren't planar, which could also be causing your problem.

Hope this helps.