View Full Version : Instancing thoughts/tips?

10-23-2004, 05:27 PM
I have a scene that I'm wanting to put a bunch of trees; the camera is actually moving along a road following a car, so there needs to be a good amount of hero trees near the road. I have a flat plane in the background with trees and that is working for the trees further back, but the close trees need to be 3D. I got TreesDesigner which is really awesome and makes great trees; the problem is, if I put all the trees I need along the road, I am getting a poly count in the millions, which takes like 20 minutes to do anything. I am sure what I need is something like HD_Instance which of course if PC only... so, I'm looking for anyone who has any ideas of how I can make this work without having to push the crippling number of polys.