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02-12-2003, 03:06 PM
It's on for sure now!!!

Monday April 7th,
6pm till Midnight
MGM Convention Center
Premier Ballroom #311-(Note this is not the same hall as last time. Use the Koval Lane entrance).
Everyone, even non-toaster owners are invited.

***Go ahead and send in those checks. Not the rubber ones please!***
You can make them to:

Ad-Venture Video Productions
1809 N. Helm, Suite #2
Fresno, CA
Re: Toast 03

I'll post the complete donor list just before I leave to NAB.

Please forward any Prize Donations to:
[email protected]

This is going to be a fantastic Party.
As funds permit I'll add another bartender and more food. Maybe even a Vegas Dancer or two!

Again, thanks to those who've confirmed a donation. This is going to be the biggest party ever thrown by USERS, FOR a company, not the other way around.
This should shake up some of the other companies!!!

See ya at the party!!! ;)