View Full Version : Top viewport background disproportionate??

10-17-2004, 09:01 PM
Hey guys,

trying to model a R34 GTR, and i'm working off some really good blueprints, where each pictures is correct. As in the top pic is the same length as the side view. Front view same width as top, etc. BUT, when i put the top backdrop, into the top viewport it is HEAPS smaller than what i'm creating in the front view port. I have NO IDEA what's going on. I've tripled checked all image sizes in Photoshop and everything matches up, but the top viewport is screwing with my backdrop.

oh and the front viewport isn't the front, and the left isn't left. All the viewports are like backwards or screwy compared to the blueprint pics? no such problems in 3DS

has anyone come across the same problem? is this a known bug?

10-18-2004, 01:20 AM
yeah, i had these same problems when i started doin car modeling, but finally i figured it out... in order for each picture to fit correctly in each viewport, you must first write down the pixel dimentions of each picture (after youve made sure that the length, width and height of each picture are all the same). Then from those picture dimentions, make a cube and numerically (n) enter the dimentions of your blueprint pictures, x-axis = width of the front of the car
y-axis = height of the front of car
z-axis = length of side of car

once this rectangular figure is made, press F2 to center the object, then auto resize the viewports by pressing (a). Then now try loading your blueprints into the background and use automatic size button and all your pictures should work perfectly. It takes a little tweeking and practice.

and about the left and right and all that stuff being mixed up.... before you start modeling take a look at the axis labels on the grid. you will see the axis' marked X+, X- so on and so forth. these indicate the direction of each axis. what you can do is change your viewports from left to right, front to back, top to bottom inorder to make it so that the right side of the car is on the X+ side in each viewport etc...
nah, its not a bug i believe. it used to bug me alot. its just finding the little tricks of the software make it do what you want.

10-18-2004, 04:15 AM
oh ok, thanks for that rat_man. I kinda just fiddled with the size and positioning, and i think have got it close. but i think what i'm creating is a mirror to what i think i'm doing.

so with the left, front, back issues - the only problem i have is my top viewport is backwards. My top view i changed to bottom so it would line up with my other backdrops. And also my front viewport has flipped my front image, so i guess it thinks it's looking from the back. Can i change which side the X/Y/Z + - values are on? Or is it too late now that i've started?