View Full Version : Absolute size command Grrrr LW8.01

10-17-2004, 05:34 PM
Just before I go and send a ranting email off to NT can anyone confirm this to me. Load an object (eg SofaCouch from LW8 classic content folder). then select Modify>transform>absolute size. now choose locked values and change the X size to something else eg 2m. This should scale the whole sofa up relative to the x-size. Visually it does but if you now select absolute size again it gives you some bizarre numbers for size. see my attached image. I've tried the same thing in LW7.5 and the numbers on each axis are in correct proportion. Now this is with using SI unit system with the default unit being metres. If I change to Metric unit system the numbers look correct. so measurements are incorrect in the SI system?