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04-07-2003, 09:44 AM
Has anybody been successful using a supermicro motherboard with an intel E7500 chipset? I would appreciate any feedback on this topic :)

Jim Capillo
04-07-2003, 10:38 AM
My dealer, Blaine at Video Hardware Systems has spec'd out a 7505 system for me. He has done extensive testing with it.

Read all about it here: http://www.videohardware.com/Video_Toaster_RT.X100_DV_Storm/newtek_matrox_canopus_dealer.html

Click on "VHS debuts new Xeon system" and it explains everything.

If you're buying a turnkey system, I'd highly recommend Blaine. Computer and Toaster experts, they are one of the best dealers out there!

04-09-2003, 11:00 AM
Thank you the reply Jim, I appreciate the feedback.
Megan Riddell

Jim Capillo
04-09-2003, 12:31 PM
You're welcome, Megan.

Welcome to the family !

04-11-2003, 10:03 AM
Just to second what Jim wrote, 7505 rocks! (And even speaking as another dealer, I'll agree Blaine does great work, too - glad he doesn't live in Toronto! ;) )

04-11-2003, 06:24 PM
With some 7505 boards having multiple data paths, this even allows you to easily get very high transfer rates with the Seagate quiet drives. Just put together a system with 10 x 120 GB drives and cooled with quiet fans. The Toaster autoconfig reported 246MB per second! That should be enough for 11 or 12 streams of uncompressed real time video and with over 1,100 GB of storage! Compared to a SCSI 320 system this system was cheap, fast, cool, and quiet!

There was one 'gottcha' though. The screaming processors came with their own screaming fans.:mad: So although we could NOT hear the 10 hard drives nor the six fans to keep them cool, the other side of the double wide case was screaming away spoiling the whole 'quiet' system. As a result, I'm going to have to look into liquid cooling for the Xeons in order to achieve our goal of a quiet system, (less than 21dB - barely noticeable).

Also another note or recommendation, the Antec True Power 550 is a quiet PS, even though they don't make a big deal of it. Very nice. But this brings up another gotcha. The new Xeons MB need a new type of Power Supply - the EPS - 12V type. This was not mentioned when I ordered the MB and left me scrambling at the last minute to find one of these rare items.

04-13-2003, 07:46 AM
Two of my customers in Vancouver are running this board type and have been since late November with no problems reported thus far.

Both boxes are Dual Xeon 2.4Ghz with 4Gb of Rambus, 4x Maxtor 73GB Ultra 160 10K drives (model number escapes me at the moment) and two 120GB Maxtor 7200rpm drives for system (OS/apps) and clip storage. Both systems work wonderfully but have very different applications.

Powersupply was a bit of an issue because of availability in one system but we finally settled on an Enermax 600W PSU. That was swapped out recently for a custom case for silencing (and I mean silent) the system for use in on-set feature work where dialog was being recorded. I had seen these cases in use before and they are dead quiet, but it did not have enough room for the T2 (the card was too tall) and a new custom case was built to accomidate the card. With the drives now external, the powersupply was downgraded to a 550W whisper unit with a baffle (the powersupply is not exposed to the outside of the cases in this configuration) and the CPU's are cooled using a type of gaming set up that involves some form of liquid chemcial and water mixed coolant run through a series of copper tubes that can be tapped and run elsewhere in the system . No fans :) It does run off of what is more or less a fishtank breather pump and that took some work to quiet down. The solution was to wire in a speed dial to turn it up or down or right off during and between takes.

Kinda scary though having liquids in your 18,000 dollar system :S

04-13-2003, 04:23 PM
Originally posted by djlithium

Two of my customers in Vancouver are running this board type and have been since late November with no problems reported thus far.

Both boxes are Dual Xeon 2.4Ghz with 4Gb of Rambus I don't think the 7505 chipset supports RAMBUS memory, so perhaps you're thinking of another board?

04-13-2003, 07:44 PM
Nope you are right. Not the "e" versions.

I will have to get the model number on that board and post it.

While on the subject of boards, this unit works great. Asus CMIC-WS
Has anyone else tried this one?