View Full Version : Lightwave books for Spain

10-16-2004, 03:40 PM
Hi all!

I have several Lightwave books I just want to sell. I have just readed all them and I can't get anymore from their pages. (Also, I need more and more space for my growing soundtrack CD collection hehehe)

The books are:

-Inside Lightwave 7
-Lightwave 7 Character Animation
-Lightwave 8 texturing
-Lightwave 6.5 (in spanish, ed. Anaya)

All of them are mint, like new!

The problem is that I can't sell outside my country, Spain, due to high shipping charges. I thought of selling at my lovely eBay (spanish flavour) but I would like to see if there's anyone interested first. I would sell directly any of them if I get a minimal decent offer!

Please, interested people mail me at [email protected]

Hope there's some user from Spain here, hehehe