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04-07-2003, 09:02 AM
Here's one of the preproduction pieces from "The Avatar" project.(Bowl done from a tut by Erik Brimstedt-Background painting of the Bradbury Bldg. from "Bladerunner" by me.). Done in Lightwave 7.5.

04-07-2003, 11:24 AM
Nice mood, but maybe a little too dark.
What's the "Avatar Project"?

Are those blinds? What's holding them up? or together?

04-07-2003, 11:46 AM
nice lighting, great dark effects (what?) good looking furniture too.


04-07-2003, 12:03 PM
Thanks guys. This is really running on the boundry of either "finished test", or "w.i.p".
Yes, those are blinds, additional detailing is needed, but I wanted to get this finished test up to get some comments.
It is dark, as it is supposed to be.
As far as what is "The Avatar" ...........Stay tuned.

04-08-2003, 04:01 AM
here's an update

04-08-2003, 08:38 AM
I think there should be a texture to the top piece of the blinds. Usually horizontal grooves, with a slightly larger endcap, which is a separate piece.

Despite the distance, I still think you would see the string holding the blinds together. The crank should be a couple of inches in from the right

Blinds are usually not the EXACT same width as the window. Also, I think they should be either a little bit out from the wall or recessed into the space rather then flush with the wall.

Without knowing the context, I can't tell if it's too dark. If it seems dark to me, it must be really dark to the PC users.

I'm busting your balls about the blinds because EVERYTHING else is so photo-real and well done that the blinds are screaming out at me.

04-09-2003, 01:19 AM
hehe, first I thought those were two little drones behind some futuristic bars as convicts. But later I saw the glasses, sorry for that, I would have liked the drone idea better, but it's nice and moodfull... maybe put some more attention to the background of the window.

See ya,


04-09-2003, 03:30 AM
I reworked the blinds,(thus spake Zarathustra). And as far as the bldg. in the background,its basicaly a digital snapshot of a painting I did in '86. That may change in production,( I know it's kinda hard seeing what it is), but it's the setpiece we are working on for now. Oh, and the curtain rod is there, you just can't see it. Thanks guys.

04-09-2003, 08:05 AM
Better. It looks even darker now, though.

Last nit-pick: are the blinds intersecting the curtain?

04-09-2003, 05:54 PM

04-09-2003, 06:22 PM
This is a nice start. I didn't really notice too much of a texture/geometry change from image to image. Darkness is fine as long as there is a counterbalance of hi-light. I prefer the more moody lighting so this grabs me.
I would suggest the following things to "finish" this image.
1) The room comes to a sudden halt due to the faltness of the composition. The dresser is at an angle which helps but it also hurts it because it leads right to a deadend. Why don't you shift the whole room about 11 degrees to the right and see how that looks? You could rotate the Camera's Pitch or Bank a few degrees as well to add to the realism.
2) The dressers texture is too generalized. It seems like that it's all one wood texture. There needs to be signs of distress and wear around the handles or edges around the drawer.
3) The carpet needs a higher/lower bump it looks like an image.
4) There is some kind of weird scale thing happening here - I don't know if it's because of the outside image seems so huge or that you just need another chair in there closer to the camera.
5) Where's the other curtain?
I'll check back with this one. Take care.

04-09-2003, 06:51 PM
Valid points all. The absence of the other curtain will obscured by what is to be happening in the foreground,(not in this Preproduction image).Quite frankly, I think the absence of the foreground stuff DOES throw the image off a bit, but without giving too much up, there will 2 more figures in the final "scene".One in medium close-up, and the other by the chair. Don't mean to be so mysterious, but suffice it to say, there will also be another light scource with the close-up figure. So, this "finished test" has probably gone as far as it will go until the other elements are in.
Thanks guys for the constructive comments,

04-09-2003, 09:11 PM
If the room is supposed to be fancy, why don't you put some base molding across the bottom of the wall and maybe some crown across the ceiling? Even though the room is dark, I think you would notice it.

04-09-2003, 10:17 PM
and you thought I was tough.