View Full Version : Copy UV's makes me wanna cry!!!

Thomas M.
10-14-2004, 10:55 AM
Wasted several hours with this s..t!! I do have several equal looking areas on my model. On the overall object are a lot of detailed weight maps. On one part of this repeating geometry I created a UV map which needed a lot of tweaking around. I now want to transfer this UV map to the other parts of the object. UV copy and paste is the only way I guess. I can't cut and paste the polys as the weight maps would be destroyed. I unweld, copy the activated master UV map, go to the bad looking UV map of the other part, clear the map, paste my master UV and merge the points. My new UV map lacks a lot of points in the UV texture view and is totally ****ed up in terms of the order of the points and polys. It's like the poly have rotated around, even if they look right in the wireframe view, but with the texture applied to it, you can see that the texture is completly garbled.




10-14-2004, 02:24 PM
you can only transfer UV's with geometry that has the same vertex order. So it the geometry you're pasting UV's to should in fact be a copy of the one you're copying them from.

If you somehow screwed up the vertex order you can use a plugin like Mesh reknitter to restore it ( check Flay )