View Full Version : Cyclist for insect walk cycles?

10-14-2004, 09:47 AM
I was talking about this over on SpinQuad and wanted to get some input here as well.

I have a scene with an ant that needs to walk across a table and hit a pose on the final frame. Initially I thought I'd use cyclist because I could just set up loop motions for the legs and then when I'd move the body using a control null the legs would automatically walk. However AFAIK you can't get a character to hit a pose using this method - they just repeat the walk cycle.

Someone mentioned using motion mixer, but I don't see it working the way cyclist works. I don't think you can relate a motion to the forward progress like you can in cyclist - therefore it seems to need a lot of tweaking to get the walk cycle to match the forward movement of the character.

Any thoughts?



10-14-2004, 06:03 PM
If you use a timewarp curve, tweaking it isn't as nasty as all that. Just add an instance of the motion, without using a post behaviour, then edit the timewarp curve to make it walk. Be aware if the walk is only 30 frames, the timewarp curve can be as long as you like, setting key values at time=0, value=0 and t=20, v=1 will make the character do one walk, over 0 to 20 frames. Add another key with t=50,v=3 and it'll do two walk cycles between frame 20 and frame 50 etc. If you want to stop, add a weight curve and fade it out to a stop pose or use a transition.