View Full Version : Saving out from Plugins

10-14-2004, 04:05 AM
I'm having difficulties getting LW to 'point' to the correct directories when requested.

When asked the navigate to the target folder the Open option os greyed out.

This also happen when trying to Save out .MDD files from MD_Scan plug-ins, and various other plug-ins that request a location to store data.

I can add a ':' to the filename I want and it will dump date into my current content directory - which is better than nothing, but a bit of a pain when doing 100's of files & motions.

I've tried copying the file-path on the mac, even removing the [8] from The Lightwave application folder.

Anyone have an idea how to fix, on a more permanent basis?

I suspect it's a LS bug.

This didn't happen with 7.5

Needless to say :-(