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10-13-2004, 03:55 PM
Hello all.

My name is Greg Sullivan; I'm looking for some skilled animators to help on a short film I'm producing.

The goal: To create a simple and charming short film to be submitted to festivals, to win some awards, to pad the ol' reel, to meet some good people and to have a good time.

What I want from you: Your talent and enthusiasm.

What I can offer for it: No cash I'm afraid, this is not a commercial venture. I can offer you DVD copies of the final short, full on-screen credit and a page on the films web site with your bio, an image and a link to where ever you like. Should the project ever make money, the participants would at that point be compensated appropriately.

What I bring to the party: A production team! I've already assembled most of the team to make this happen. I have Lighting TD, a DP, an editor, a sound engineer, a composer and a voice actress. I'm also taking care of all hard costs like laying off to film, festival entry costs, DVD creation, etc. I've done a lot of animation direction in the past, so you if you are a talented newbie you get some input from a pretty good director!

Where we're at: Most of the pre-pro is done. Sets and characters are 90%+ modeled rigged and textured. The voice actress has already done her time in the studio. All that's left is making it all move! That's where you come in!

If you want to play with the rest of us already on the team contact me here ([email protected]).

And here's (http://www.artofsullivan.com/Weeeee.html) an early one-sheet from the film.

Hope to hear from you soon,