View Full Version : A few basic character modeling questions

04-07-2003, 12:47 AM
Well, I started using LightWave not that long ago, so I'm still clueless about some parts, mostly organic modeling. I decided to spend a few hours on a head last night, and you can see what I have so far in the bottom of the post.

Anyway, the first problem I encountered some problems when I was modeling the lips. I decided to subpatch them out a little bit, but they still looked moderately flat, so I simply subpatched the row of polygons in between the lips. From the image I included, you probably can't see this problem that well due to the angle and wireframed subpatches, but it's certainly there.

Secondly, what techniques do you have for getting rid of smoothing errors whenever spinquads just can't do the trick any longer? I usually try to avoid triangles and points that connect five or more polygons, but sometimes, I end up with some really weird smoothing errors that just seem... unavoidable.

Oh, and here is the ugly face I was working on. Considering I've read Inside LightWave 7, I should be semi-decent at this already, but I'm not. ;\