View Full Version : Render issues part II

04-06-2003, 08:33 PM
Thanks Maxx for the help. I am closer to having it looking much better. However when using a gradient backdrop as a refelction to create chrome, I notice in spots there are solid parts that are grey and show no definition or geometry. What can I do to make the form come through alittle more. Addiitonally, I tried to add more bump to make the grey line next to the blue less clean, but it still is perfectly straight.

Any help?

04-06-2003, 11:46 PM
I would say, there is no bump at all... or it isn't sized correctly. As for your edge: Your smoothing angle seems to be to high - this is killing your edge. Also you should turn on raytraced reflections to get some mirroring of the inside geometry. Last of all: try turning down ambient light to zero.


04-07-2003, 05:53 AM
First off, it's looking better already! Congrats.

To biuld on what Mylenium said -

As for the bump, try a Fractal Noise, value (about) 12%. Make the scale extremely narrow in two of the 3 axis, extremely long in the third. For instance, if the object was modeled upright (open caps at the top and bottom in modeler), put the x and z scales at, say, 2mm. put the y scale at 5 meters or so. This will reproduce the long, grain type bump that metal often has as a result of the tooling process.

As for the shadows - definately turn on the ray trace reflections in the render panel, and make sure that your surface setting advanced tab is set to ray trace and spherical map reflections. Then, of course, select a suitable reflection map. I think you'll find your reflections much more acceptable.

Also, make sure the ambient intensity is set to 0. Hit flay and pick up one of the automatic light rig plug ins - I use 3PL. (3 point lighting). It's a simple way to get a decent key, back and rim light rig that you can then build upon for better light. The rim light should kick out some edge detail for you.

And remember, grunge maps are almost a necessity for realistic metal. Add a simple grunge to the diffuse, reflection and glossiness channel. And some fresnel gradients. It's getting there! Keep at it and let us know how it goes!