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10-07-2004, 08:31 PM

I am a VideoTOASTER with LightWAVE owner user. I enjoy using my toaster a lot. and the best part of it to me is Lightwave. How ever, I have been afraid to connect it to the internet. I am also a EditBAY owner. The problem that I always have with my editbay is every time that I connected it up to the internet, that I could no longer use my editbay. Other things that would make my editbay no longer work is if I install too much software and fonts..

So I have not yet connected my Toaster to the internet and I do not install anything that I do not need to do my work with on my toaster. I only serf the net with my old editbay and only try out programs with my editbay, and my toaster is not connected to my editbay. My toaster is almost the same as when I bought it, with only a few other programs that I need on it, and a few games like "DOOM-3" that well not run on my old editbay.

I have invested into some internet security for my old editbay like a hardware firewall "AlphaShield (http://www.alphashield.com/index.htm) " and install some spyware blockers, virus scanners, and other stuff. I have found a big improvement in the performance of my old editbay since I have taken these steps. My old computer runs much faster now and I no longer get those popups.

But now I have a big need to upgrade my toaster and other software on it. So I want to connect it on a temporary bases starting this weekend. But before I do, I want to fined out what other people are doing to protect there main computer. So I want to ask a few questions about what other people are doing. I feel that your answers well not only benefit me, but well benefit every other lightwave user as well.

Question 1) Do you serf the internet with the same computer that you use LightWAVE on?

Question 2) What kind of hardware firewall and/or software do you have?

Question 3) What kind of virus software do you use?

Question 4) What kind of any spyware do you use?

Question 5) What kind of popup killers do you have?

Question 6) What security steps do you employ for your e-mail's?

Question 7) Are there any questions that I mist?

10-07-2004, 11:43 PM
I am currently in between set-ups with my hard drives. I have LW on there and I am surfing. This set-up will be over in a few days after I finish setting up my 320GB RAID array. Once that is established I will not connect to the net with this computer, I've got an old mobo I'm setting-up for Internet stuff.
As far as protection goes try SpywareBlaster, Ad-Aware and Zone-Alarm. They've worked for me so far! Oh, and if you haven't switched to Mozilla Firefox, do so right away, it is way better than IE.

10-08-2004, 05:19 AM
I used zonealarm as a firewall before, but have now switched to outpost firewall.
Antivir for virus and SpybotS&D for spyware. I think it works fine.

10-08-2004, 05:35 AM
hi, lesterfoster, i really recommend you not to connect your "serious" computer to the internet if u have another spare computer.

i have just had terrible spyware problem that i can't fix up till now,
the details are here link (http://cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=174893)

basically i use the same computer for work and surfing the net,
i have lw, i don't have firewall though (only the built in XP which i heard doesn't work well), Norton AV, Lavasoft's Ad-Aware, Spybot, CSW Shredder, built in IE/Mozilla pop up blockers, and still the spyware can get through the system. it's really crazy nowadays.

i tried the suggested method of scanning in Windows safe-mode and still it doesn't fix anything. these days, every other day i scanned using the antispywares and new ones keep showing up... i really don't bother that much anymore, just hoping that i can get through my works till i reformat the windows.

10-08-2004, 05:40 AM
I too use Zone Alarm as a firewall, it is very easy to use, and though it asks many questions at first, it soon moves into the background.

The personal edition is free.

For virus scanning I use AVG Anti Virus, again the free for personal use.

I have not found one spyware package that does everything, but Ad Aware is pretty good, (and free). I have very occasionally found things that it misses, and I also use Spybot.

But the most important thing for security for Windows users is DON'T USE INTERNET EXPLORER! My wife uses it because we have a built in translator for it, every time she does we get junk that Ad Aware picks up. And this is not from obviously didgy sites.

Personally I am very, very happy with Firefox, which is way faster, tabbed, has a built in effective popup blocker. It too is free.

I know that much has been done to address security in XP Service Pack 2, but I'd sooner trust anyone than Microsoft with my security.


10-08-2004, 06:23 AM
I use McAfee Internet Security Suite v6 which is okay, although it does have one MAJOR problem!!! When I try to copy a file to my desktop from another computer it resets my machine! Boom!!!!

Apparently they are aware of this siutation, but I haven't any patches for it yet.

I've never had spyware on my machine, but I recently had to sort my friends laptop out which was riddled! He was prone to picking up spyware (he kept surfing the net for p*rn!!! Wouldn't learn, I told him that's where the spyware is coming from!!!) Seems to be okay since we put SP2 on his machine, well, that or he's stopped surfing! :)

But before I put SP2 on I had to remove all the cr*p first!

For the Spyware, I used a few tools: (as one didn't seem to catch them all!)

HiJack This (snooping tool)
Spyware Doctor

For antivirus I used AVG which worked very well.

It is a jungle out there, but most legitimate sites don't have spyware, it's only p*rn, warez sites etc. that you have to worry about. So as long as you don't visit them or download suspect files you should be fine.

Oh, and use Firefox if you do feel the need to visit any spurious sites!!!

Hope that helps.

10-08-2004, 06:50 AM
I have a router from linksys,
on my computer, I have norton anti-virus, norton firewall (which is useless now i Have the router)
and I got a spyware remover recently, but I don't remember the name..
it might be Spyware Doctor..

I don't really have any problems with viruses.. sometimes I would receive
one from time to time but norton would detect it and delete it

my adds blocker come from norton..
there is a good add blocker in internet explorer SP2 too..

for emails, I use outlook express, and the accounts I use it with are from hotmail..

actually, talking about hotmail, last week, I had 2Mb of space
and could only send 1mb message, but since 3 days ago, I receive an email saying
I'm now a "prefered member"or something like that... so for free
I get now 250Mb for email and can send up to 10Mb message..
all of that for free... excelent !!

10-08-2004, 08:45 AM
is a little weird, but it works... I used to have a LOT of problems with my computer and had to reinstall o.s. several times over last few years... but since I started doing this technique I've not had many problems at all:

Get several hard drives on your computer, and partition carefully... Setting all of this up on a clean install will make life easier... Then use firewalls, anti virus protection and deep freeze. You may not have heard of Deep Freeze before, but it's a God Send to those of us who hate to reinstall Operating Systems and like to play around with programming and stuff, but don't like the side effects that such tinkering and internet surfing can cause... It was made primarily for computer labs so that the techs don't have to fiddle with reinstalling the computer a lot due to undereducated children doing things online that they should not be... but geeks, nerds, and phreaks have found that it makes a nice sandbox... what it does is basically put whatever partition that you tell it to on install in a "frozen" state, where any saves or changes done to that drive will not be permanant, and will erase themselves on reboot... which is awesome for a drive that holds your o.s.

What you do is install Deep Freeze http://www.deepfreezeusa.com to protect the main o.s., which is usually c: and then use the other partitions and or external hard drives to save files to, because as long as you have deep freeze in a "frozen" state it should stay clean until you tell deep freeze to "thaw" the drive... That way you set up the drive to whatever setup you want as default, then freeze it, and then only thaw it about once a week or so for updates to windows, a.v. software, etc. If you are 'frozen' and you download something you want to install, save the installer in a folder on external drive or partition that deep freeze isn't affecting, and that way it'll still be there on reboot in the 'thawed' state... or you can install it when frozen for testing puroposes, or whatever, knowing full well that the o.s. will forget that it installed it on reboot - which is nice for testing out demo and or trial apps that you download from cnet or wherever...

10-08-2004, 08:49 AM
I use IE all the time and once in a while I even browse "sketchy" web sites :o . I never had any serious spyware issues. I'm not saying that IE is perfect. I know that there are bugs in IE that will open doors to crap even if I am very cautious. As others already mentioned, there are tools that help stopping spyware before it takes any action. Spybot S&D has a immunization system built in. Another nice tool I use is spywareblaster from javacoolsoftware.com (I know, just the name of it sounds suspicious, but it is a legitimate and free program). I like it because it blocks known bad activex addons, so I do not even see any prompts to install them and in runs under IE so there are no extra processes running on your system. To scan for spyware I use Spybot in combination with ad-aware, which seems to be the most popular combination of programs. Both free.

SP2 is helpful too, but some people encouter software conflicts with it. It's been working fine for me so far. I used to use google toolbar as the (free) popup killer. SP2 does it just as good, so I uninstalled google toolbar. Yahoo and google are perhaps the only two toolbars I trust, but I use neither.

I guess the key is to know what not to click on, and not to click on any ads saying something like "click here to improve this or that on your computer" or "try this program free". I particularly do not trust any downloads offered via popups. Do research before you try something you are unsure about.

E-mail security... well, here I'll be anti-MS for a change (im usually pro-MS :eek: ). I dont like outlook. Not because it comes from MS, it is great for some business people who use calendars, address books etc. extensively. I do not need all that. For me it's like taking an commercial airplane to fly 20 miles. But it is only me. I use eudora (free) and rely on my antivirus (symantec corp. edition) to catch viruses. Spam.. is another issue. Guard your primary email address. I havent found a perfect solution for spam. Most people these days have multiple email accounts, primary, which should be guarded and other account(s) given out when requested by not-so-trustworthy websites for whatever purpose.

I hope the governments of the world will do something about the spam one day, but it might not happen anytime soon on a global scale. In the meantime I use mailwasher. Not free anymore. Luckily I have an version which I downloaded when it was still free. I have not done any research on it. I bet there are other tools that do the same thing and are free.

10-08-2004, 09:01 AM
You may not have heard of Deep Freeze before, but it's a God Send to those of us who hate to reinstall Operating Systems...

It looks very interesting. Have you used it a lot? How much impact does it have on the system load times? Is it a feasible solution for a home user?
I'm not sure if I am reading it right on their website but it doesnt seem to be extremely expensive.

10-08-2004, 09:09 AM
download the demo and try it out... :) Just remember to read the online manual carefully http://www.faronics.com/doc/DF5Std_Manual.pdf
important things to remember... on install, MAKE SURE that the check marks are ONLY on the partitions that you want protected! I'm not sure there's a way to change which ones are protected after install unless you uninstall and reinstall... You CAN'T uninstall on a frozen drive, so thaw before uninstall if you do uninstall... You can tell if it's frozen or thawed based on the icon in the system tray... and MOST IMPORTANTLY... Remember the password you give it and Remember SHIFT+DOUBLE CLICKING on the systme tray gets you to the login screen... IF YOU DON'T REMEMBER THAT, YOU COULD BE IN FOR TROUBLE SINCE YOU'LL BE FREEZING A DRIVE AND WON'T HAVE A WAY TO THAW IT, WHICH MEANS THAT YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO UNINSTALL IT UNTIL THE DEMO RUNS OUT IN 60 DAYS!

10-08-2004, 09:10 AM
download the demo and try it out... :)

Actually, my network admin already sent a request for demo. We might use it on some machines here at work :)
I was also wondering If I could use it at home. I'll see how it works and decide.