View Full Version : My USB Dongle Doesn't work (Again)

04-06-2003, 02:04 PM
Hello All;
Yesterday, my Lightwave version 7.0 worked great. This morning I had to reinstall Windows due to a Modem problem I was having and now Lightwave won't recognize the USB Dongle. I tried everything I think - Tried reinstalling the software about 4 times, even ran the Sentinal Superpro Medic program but I keep getting the same error "No SuperPro Keys Detected".

I am using an Intel DG850 motherboard in a rack cabinet on a carpeted floor in my computer room. Are these Dongle's extremly sensitive to Static ? Could the USB port be sending out voltage spikes upon reset? I've never had a problem with any other USB devices. Driver shows OK in the control panel (Ie. it is working properly) and the light on the Dongle is ON.

I just sent a dongle back about 2 months ago for the same problem. If I have to keep getting a replacement every 2 months, I think Newtek should seriously consider going with another Dongle Manufacturer that doesn't have this problem(or eliminate them all together).

This is getting very fustrating. Fortunately, I don't have a pressing project due today or I would really get upset. Any suggestions that I can try today before calling Newtek and Rainbow Technologies tomorrow ?


04-08-2003, 08:44 PM
I feel your pain. I just had to reload XP and now the dongle isn't working for me either! I carry it back and forth between home and the office and it works fine at the office. The Medic even sees the dang thing but still no Lightwave!!


Sorry that I have nothing constructive to say. Just wanted to agree with you about the dongle.


04-08-2003, 09:15 PM
Hi John;
Thanks for the response. Well ... I sent it back (again) yesterday for the second time in 2 months. They work ... and then they don't so I'm getting paranoid that my computer, or my environment in my computer room is causing them to go bad. I'm thinking that when I get a third one (In a few days), it will eventually go bad too :-( !

Everytime I send them back fedex 2-day, I have to pay $15.00 and that cost adds up if I have to do this every few months.

My problem is a little different than yours since the Medic can't detect the key. But the computer does detect a new USB device and successfully installs the driver.

I also have TWO copes of Lightwave at work ... I probably should have taken it in to try it there but I guess I really didn't think it would work since I tried it on two computers at home and both had the same problem. Of course - both at home also have the same motherboard.

One of the things I noticed when the dongle worked correctly but I had the wrong code in the license.key file is that Lightwave reported that didn't work but it reported the dongle lock code. I noticed that when they go bad on me, they don't report this lock code.

Since your medic pgm. detected yours, I would check to see if the LOCK code is displayed on the Lightwave error window and if it is, you probably have the wrong code in the license.key file.

If my medic program would have detected my key, I would have had much better hope and I would have tried longer to get it working.