View Full Version : ClothFX settings for Sas long hair guides?

10-07-2004, 03:12 AM
Does anyone have saved ClothFX settings for Sas long hair guides which they could share? Or tips? I'm getting closer, the hair is a short bob, but I'll take what I can get, longer hair settings or whatever I can use to learn from.

The attached scene has collision object with collisionFX set up but no settings, and same deal with hair guides and clothFX. (Head geometry not needed here, I just want to get it to work.) But before I play with the settings, I need to do a few steps first. Do I parent the hair guides to the collision object? That doesn't seem to work right. Do I fix the root surface in clothFX? Do I do both, then use certain settings, and it will all work?

I'm kind of lost as to what's the next step. Any guidance hugely appreciated. :)

10-07-2004, 03:08 PM
No you do not need to parent the collision object to the hair, or vice versa, they should all interact without a problem. if you want to make sure that they will interact with eachother exclusively, then you can put them into "groups". i am not at my computer right at this moment, so i can not give you my exact settings, but i know that they are close to the factory "cotton" preset, with just a few modifications.

one thing that i would highly recomend, is that if you are using LW 8 (which it sounds like you are) then create a few two point poly "guide" chains in a different layer which mimic the style of the hair guides, then in layout, apply the cloth dynamics to the guide chains and parent the hair to these guides. apply metalink to the hair and watch it go....this applies the motion of the simple guide chains to the entire hair setup, and makes the calculations almost instant rather than waiting for hours for the motion to calculate.

I haven't really gone back to read over this, so please tell me if it doesn't make any sense....hope it helps. (and sorry if you already knew any of this...)

10-09-2004, 10:21 PM
Thanks I appreciate the help!

I got close to happy with the setup, see Big_Head attachment (which also has FX settings saved out seperately) the hair movement is not perfect but I'm getting there.

Anyway I realised the head is far too large, over a meter wide, so I scaled down in Modeler and started the scene over. See Small_Head attachment. NOTE: don't hit calculate on small_head scene with current settings, it locks up my machine. I have tweaked and tweaked the FX settings on the Small_head scene and I'm not making progress. The Big_head scene is nearly there, but useless as the scale's all wrong on the objects and I want real-world scale ultimately.

Any ideas? I'm going crazy! haha :)