View Full Version : Particle and HV weirdness

10-05-2004, 07:52 PM
I posted this on the Mac forum and am re-posting this issue here to see if anyone else has come across it. LW 8.0.1, I have an emitter that is flying through the air (think trails of a rocket), and have HV's attached to it. Now, the problem that I have is that every couple of frames, the new particles don't have HV's attached to them. The HV's attach to them on the following frame, along with the new particles, making an ugly stepped effect to the rocket trail. I'll attach an image to illustrate what I'm talking about. I can recreate the problem with just an emitter flying around a scene and attching particles to it. So... my question is, has anyone else seen this problem? Is it Mac specific or is it doing it on PC's as well? I know HV's are one of LW's strengths, so I can't imagine that it has gone unnoticed this long. Oh, by the way, the same scene does just fine in 7.5. And it's not an OpenGL issue, because it render that way as well (even in LWSN). So... anyone?