View Full Version : LW 7.5 Problem with the mouse rotation

10-05-2004, 10:53 AM
Very often, when I'm rotating the view at a constant rate, either in perspective or camera mode, rotation suddenly jumps a couple of hundred degrees. Same happens when I move the camera around. I read somewhere that I should change the preferences from Mouse to Tablet, and that fixes the problem, but another one arises - then I can only zoom to a certain point, after which I have to zoom back (model is 1.7m high but I can't zoom more than 50 percent of its size), and rotate around to a point from which the only way is back. So I can't decide what I like better - full zoom and rotation but crazy rotation jumps (around 300 - 400 degrees)(Mouse mode) or correct but very limited zooming and rotation (Tablet mode). Any help appreciated. Thanks Ivan
My system: Win Xp Pro SP2, Ati Radeon 9550, Samsung optical mouse