View Full Version : Adding stuff into video files

04-06-2003, 05:08 AM
I want to create graffiti on on a wall, but there are actors walking away from the wall so the graffiti has to appear as they move away. The clip is 3.52 secs, so i edited the 88 frames in Photoshop. Is there an easier way in Aura?

04-07-2003, 09:00 AM
It may be easier in Aura, at least Aura will give you real time previews of the entire clip and all layers without rendering.

It depends a bit on if you can easily separate the background wall from the actors. If it is a chroma key shot then it is easy. If not then it's going to be tedious no matter which program you use. The only hard part is doing the separation, (assuming that the wall and the actors are on the same shot).

I would separate the actors from the background and have each on it's own layer. Use Aura's 'add' and 'subtract' area selection modes, (magic wand select), with tolerance and smoothing to grab most of the backgrounds on all the frames at once. Erase, and then you will still have to tweak each frame around the edges at spots. This will give you a foreground image with no background.

Use stencil mode and fill the foreground with white - 255 tolerance and you now have a mask. Blur the mask layer a bit. Use this as a stencil layer.

Then applying the text brush on another layer between the wall layer and the actors will work like a charm. Of course this is likely the same using PS.

04-09-2003, 04:10 AM
If the camera is not moving, all you have to do is place an animated layer with your graffity on top of your video and paint out the parts of the graffiti on the frames where the actors are in front of it, WAAAAY faster than in photoshop, to go to the next frame you just hit the right arrow, erase, right arrow, erase.. and you can play back your results, and save the whole thing as a new sequence.
If the camera is moving you could use Aura's built in motion tracker to help plant the graffity on the wall.