View Full Version : deleting obj cause break and shifting in ik of other obj

10-05-2004, 11:29 AM
I found a strange work about lw in a large sceen which do today.

a large number of poly and bone are involved.

since 60 character in scene with bone to stand in and very few animation.

7 principal character rigged.

structure of scene is simple, there are some null to manage group of characters and obj.

when i delete some objs, in any place, which are not connected in anyway with principal characters, i see that head or some other bone, controlled by ik is shifted.

to be honest, the nulls which controll the head is shifted.

if i repeat many times the operation, after reloading the scenes, the null shifted is different. but some null ever is moved.

Anyone can help me to know why these null are shifted, and how avoid it?

i try to disable ik, parent in place, deform,
but when i delete i see that shifting.

i'm going to think to delete any single obj by hand from text editor, but.....
my scenes are 3-4 mb be cause are filled of animation, and is not simple and clean delete by hand all single obj.

i delete obj at frame 0, and i try in other frame but nothing change.

any ideas?