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10-01-2004, 07:10 AM
Can anyone help with some advice on reflections? I'm working on the attached scene and am trying to create reflections of the desks in the water. However the reflections are too bright and I cant find a setting that will make the colour and hue of the materials reflect accurately. The scene is lit with backdrop only radiosity and a single small area light casting shadows on the desks. The lake surface is a single polygon with the background image front mapped onto the surface. Any ideas would be much appreciated.


10-01-2004, 07:17 AM
Your main problem is not the brightness of the reflections but that the clouds are reflected in the water - the tables should cut out the visibility of the clouds...


10-01-2004, 08:09 AM
Hi Ben,
The clouds reflect in the water only because thats whats in the lake surface of the background image and is mapped onto the polygon that the desks sit on. If I make the reflection value of that polygon 100% and use Ray traced and spherical map in the environment tab for that surface (no map selected), shouldnt the ray traced reflection overlay the background? My other question is why do the reflections appear ghosted (white) and not the same colours as the desks? What would I do to create a mirror for instance?


10-01-2004, 08:16 AM
It looks like the values are being treated as additive.

10-01-2004, 08:23 AM
The blending mode in the texture editor is set to normal. Shouldnt that give a normal reflection?

Triple G
10-01-2004, 01:29 PM
Probably not what you want to hear, but that's the main problem with Lightwave's reflections...they're always treated as additive. There is a nice plugin called Hypersmooth (http://www.evasion3d.com/hs_prodinfo.html) which deals with this exact issue. Alternatively, you could render out a separate reflection pass using the buffer export or PSD export filters, and try comping them in post that way. BeeVee's right...you also need to find a way to have the tables block the "reflection" of the sky (even though it's part of the image map). I'd try rendering out a separate shadow pass and then inverting that and using that as an alpha on the water.

10-04-2004, 03:51 AM
Thanks for that Greg,
Your right , thats realy not what I wanted to hear. I'll try your other suggestion and let you know how I get on.