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09-30-2004, 10:26 AM
Last Day, with Lw8.0.1, a try to put 17 horses in my scenes with 106 endomorph each horse made with obj seq.

After import the second horse, lw crash and he crash everytime.

i found the problem. It's name convention!


for my horses in Modeler a load the obj object call: New_horse1
i save my object with the same name but .lwo
after i use script call: Morph spawn from obj because i have 106 morphs.
i save again.

In Layout: i load object New_horse1, i use i other script call: MRB:MorftoFrame for a automatic fast keyframe because i have 106 differents shapes! But when i load the second horse , lw8 crash.

I retry in layout to load only one horse and a apply again the script: MRB:MorftoFrame, and after i check the name convention, and i saw the problem.
all my endomorph is named: New_horse1.New_horse1.0002

The first name is the object name, the second name is the group name and the number is relation object sequnece.

I go in Modeler, and i check all my endomorph name, i use againt a other script from Dstrom call: MMRenamer and i rename all my endomorph:
I rename New_horse1 for, NF1 and made the same for all my 17 horses.

In layout now the channel morphmixer for New_horse1 is:

I don't know why Lw8 don't like uses the same name of group like that of the object name.

But Now everything works good.!

Gaetan :)