View Full Version : NEWS : NZLWUG gets an apple in the face!

09-28-2004, 03:29 AM
There is an upcoming Mac Expo here in NZ, Sat October 9th. The organisers have kindly offered a stand on their Trade show floor for the NZLWUG 'KiWavers' to promote itself and LightWave3D!

I'm taking this offer with open hands! This not only allows me to further promote LightWave, it also gets the community that I've been fostering here for several years taken a lot more seriously (as it should!)

Later that day I will also be presenting a 90 minute demonstration of LightWave 8 to the enthusiastic Mac community. This will open up the LightWave application to a mostly uninformed audience, and hopefully inspire more Mac users to consider this application for 3D animation...

Its all going to be pretty exciting - My first major public event (with more to come!) :)



10-11-2004, 05:26 AM
The Event is over...

I would just like to personally thank the guys at NewMagic.com.au (Darrell and Mark) for helping out with a cool brochure and showreel to help promote our fave proggy to the Mac community here, and Justin of www.geek.co.nz, the macromedia users group, for helping with printing of the brochure as well as a few small 'posters' for me to decorate the booth, and letting me use his Laptop/monitor to loop over 1.5 hours worth of LightWave created animation material from CD all day long! I shared a stand with him.

The event was a little low key, the weather was cold and wet, but we had over 220 participants come along to check out the presentations to promote the Macintosh community here in NZ.

While I didn't get as many people pop past our booth as I'd liked, I did manage to expose LightWave to over 30 new users, and everyone who did pop past grabbed a brochure and took some time to check out the animations playing on screen... Fingers crossed that this will also promote some word-of-mouth feedback as well as maybe a few new LW users!

I had an end-of-day session where I took 90 minutes to demonstrate LightWave to some 20+ people, what was almost a completely unexposed audience of teachers, general mac users, architects and a few film makers! A quick opening with some showreel material provided by NewMagic and various other amazing work led me into showing them the basic product, followed by how easy modelling was using the modeler tool (and how complex it could get with my Marauder model).

I then went across into Layout and did a 15 minute character animation example where I created a walk for one of my IK rigged characters. This session really seemed to get some laughs as whacky looking walks quickly became something with character as I added the necessary secondary work to polish the effect up! Most people were impressed how easy character animation can be in LightWave - Which was my aim with the example.

I then covered Particles, how interactive they were and how easily they could be tweaked in real time. This was followed up with a quick overview of cloth, how the sewing tool worked and when someone asked about physical simulations of hard bodies - Luckily for me I had two examples, one showing how LightWave could take a ball and make it roll down a hill, then smash through a brick wall... Without any animation required.

The other example was something I based on an effect I'd seen in Hellboy/Lord of the Rings where a stone walkway was smashed apart by a huge demolition ball on a chain. This example demonstrated not only Hardbody dynamics, but also clothFX-FXHardlink in action.

At that point, the session time had run out and we finished up - Unfortunately I'd not covered a lot of stuff in my plan, however I got out plenty of nice eye candy, and did show how simple and easy the product was to use. I managed to even get some applaud from the Audience, so I must have done something right!

So, with that day over, I'm already looking for the next big chance to bring LightWave out of the marketing darkness, and into the public light... :-)