View Full Version : VT2 Guru help needed with graFX

04-05-2003, 10:20 AM
What I am looking for....

Onscreen talent pointing to graFX and sliding them around so it looks like they are touching the back of TV screen (ala the SciFi channel).

What I tried....

Using sticky notes on walls around teleprompter where the point to so finger stays on screen and points to correct position,(result...they look like they are aiming a rifle at the note:mad: )

Putting VT2 output in front of them so they could see where they are pointing,(result....they keep losing where they were reading on the telepromter, which is coming from an Amiga Toaster Video so that they can click a new page as they read :mad: )

Putting the TV out on top of the teleprompter to get them closer together, (result...thier eyes go up and down so fast they blur as they try to keep thier place :mad: )

Getting ready to try a leather whip soon;)

Any hints on how this is done easier than what I have tried?

Jim Capillo
04-05-2003, 10:40 AM
Try this......

Feed the output of the Toaster(prompter) into an external switcher (MX-20 or something). Feed the T[2] output into the B channel of the external switcher. Feed that external switcher's output into the Prompter's input.

Do a half-dissolve (or adjust so talent can see both things easily).

Bang! You have both things on one monitor.

04-06-2003, 10:14 PM
Your right :)

Both things on one monitor and what a help for lots of stuff..

But sadly not this one.:(

I found 2 ways to work it;

A)..either live, (I moved the graphic along pointing finger while taping) which led to graphics speedup_slowdown_moving high_moving low) just couldn't follow finger close enough, and after an hour with 1 scene thier arm got tired and nothing came out looking good.

B).. set graphics in motion panel to go where I wanted it to go then let them follow on promptor which led to same results..finger slowdown and speedup with finger jiggling all over graphics, and still not looking good.

I was hoping for a way to do this so I could do some pixel tracking after all was taped.

:eek: HMMMM
maby I could set a sheet of glass in front of speaker with very small marks where fingers should track so camera might not see it. Then I could do pixel tracking to get graphics to exactly follow finger.
Just thought of that while typing all this