View Full Version : Clothfx_005.lws confused regarding setup

09-27-2004, 12:34 PM
The files William posted a while back as samples include some pretty basic setups, but they really help get past the threshold of useability for dynamics. I am having trouble understanding one particular point though. Specifically it is the attached file.

What is causing 'line:Layer1' in this file (clothfx_005.lws) to parent to the points in 'Line:Layer3'? I am sure that it's got something to do with the ClothFX applied to 'line:Layer1' because when I turn it off it no longer follows 'line:Layer3' nor deforms with it.

I am confused though. 'line:Layer2' is deformed by 'line:layer1' using FX_Metalink. But, turning off Cloth_FX on Layer 1 and recalculating results in Layer 2 continuing to deform despite the absence of driving geometry (in this case 'line:Layer1').

I really want to understand this and to use it, but this one point is eluding me.