View Full Version : Show Bones rest position in Layout + SDK trouble

09-27-2004, 09:38 AM
i've done a lightwave exporter,
but there is still problems with bones and skin export:

so in order to debug, i would like to see in lightwave the rest position for bones, so i could check my bones rest matrices.

(i used the LWBoneInfo::restParam func to get the restposition, but i'm not sure in which reference)

the SDK trouble is, i'd like to simply read the weight per vertex per bone directly, but i didn't found any function that does that, so i had long ago to ask for the formula. (when the vertex does not belong to the bone's weightmap).
If there is no other way than a formula, then i'd like to have the exact formula used by lightwave

i've got another SDK question if i may ask, i'd like to know how to get 3d objects matrices after all plugins' effects and after IK. When IK is active, i have got to use another plugin of mine (a motion plugin if i remember) to bake animation after IK. Maybe the SDK in lightwave 8 is able to simply give me the final matrix of a 3d object, but i did not find out where.

thank you for any help,