View Full Version : Weight map trouble, please help!

09-23-2004, 04:57 PM
Alright...well I finally have all my weight maps on my character working how i want them to...the problem is when i import my model into layout, and set up my skeleton w/ IK and everything, and apply the weight maps to the coresponding bone, the next time i open up the scene, the bones no longer have the weights applied to them. why won't it keep them in memory? I am assuming that my problem is arrising from the fact that i have my skeleton, and model as two separate objects, and then having my model use the bones from the skeleton object. I know i can always just paste my model into the skeleton object in modeler, and it will probably work..but does anyone know if there is another way to do this at all where i can keep the two objects separate? thanks in advance.