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09-20-2004, 12:24 PM
Here is a try of my brother (miso popovic) an myselfe for a ski contest mascot competition

we hope to claim the first prize offcourse!:)

any constructive criticizm will be promptly ignored:)

just kiddin

in cease you didnt get it- its a deer:)

here it goes..

09-20-2004, 12:33 PM
Awww, cute! Nice fur texture. The only thing I see right off is the skis. They need to be longer, at first I did not know what they were.

09-20-2004, 12:39 PM
yeah- the skis
one of the problems is that it has to be fit for a live mascot ( a person in a suit) so, we had to make them short so you could walk around with no problems in the suit- if you had long skis that would not be posible, and they are cuter this way i think-
but i see that this is a problem, but dont know how to solve it and still keep the functionality of the small skis-
any ideas?
maybe to put straps over the foot of the mascot? maybe this would make them more "ski like"
thx for your time!

09-21-2004, 12:30 AM
There are such things as short skis though aren't there? So in that respect, they're not too unrealistic.

I would put some real fur on him to go over the texture, to go for the added "cuteness" factor.

Is he Croatian by any chance?


Chris S. (Fez)
09-21-2004, 12:38 AM
just give him some ski poles

09-21-2004, 10:07 AM
he is croatian:)
- we will make the skis just a tad longer and will be adding the poles-
thx for the help:)!

09-21-2004, 07:55 PM
Hehe right on. No need to change the ski length. Those are ski boards. I just bought a pair of those myself!

09-22-2004, 12:41 PM
yeah:) we are counting on patriot feelings from the judges so we tried to put the red/white checkerboard wherever posible:)
lets hope it will work:)

09-22-2004, 04:56 PM
really funny! :) best luck for the competition!

09-27-2004, 08:14 AM
here is the final version of the mascot-
thx for all the comments, and we will keep you posted on how the contest went-

09-27-2004, 09:33 AM
Like it! Good luck for the contest....