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09-20-2004, 07:41 AM
Is there a way to edit 24p dv material entered into vt3 via firewire and then create a dvd also in 24p? Thanks

09-20-2004, 08:40 AM
DV 24p sources can be one of quite a few different types:

24p with a 2:3 pulldown "field stuffing" to make it 29.97, e.g. a telecine txfer
24p-Advanced with 2:3:3:2 which always goes forward to aid some NLEs.
DV codec used with an AVI header that states 24p but would be incompatible with the large majority if not all DV/firewire targets.

Any of the above could also have lost their original cadence by being edited by software that wasn't 24p aware.

VT-Edit doesn't support 24p. The best approach IMHO, is to either "go for it" and edit 59.94 NTSC or to convert the 24p into 50i PAL using a tool that is more 24p aware (like the Aura2.5 component of VT). VT-Edit did support 29.97p but in the strictest sense - I think this mode was thrown out by the developers (I'm not sure).

As for making 24p DVD. The workflow would again be disjointed by using VT in its current form. DVD targets are furnished using 3rd party utilities.

If your target is film, the D1 video resolution isn't going to help either. If you want the telecine look - there might be some more things you can do with the final post. (like: gamma changes [latitude] - secondary colour correction - grain - bloom - DoF) I'm not excusing VT. 24p isn't every man's tea and biscuit. I don't think this is a Texan drink either. Sorry.

Another remark - many folk working with 24p sources don't care too much for how the footage looks when played back at 24p. They worry about the 30p, 25p and 59.97/50i representations. Indeed - they should. So they preview 24p in video resolution with pulldown inserted.

With all this talk of tea. Consider getting the drains up to decide what your camera/rendering format needs to be to match the kit in your workflow and most importantly your target. Even 60p can be a mighty force if your target is DVD. 24p DVD to my mind suits film distribution sources. - I've painted myself into a corner because I don't see the main benefits of VT fitting your single text line of requirements.

10-02-2004, 02:15 PM
VT 3 DOES support 24P. Just load a 24fps avi and it will play back at the proper speed (presuming the avi headers are correct). Of course the output will be normal interlaced video with a pull down which you would need to go to video tape but if you render your project back out as progressive scan 24 fps you should be cool.

I've personally loaded 24p files with good results but I've never actually tried rendering them out but it should work, I'll give it a shot later if I get a chance.

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