View Full Version : Custom 3D Rigs

09-19-2004, 01:28 PM
Hi all,

I run a small Custom Built PC business, and from the forums here I can see that people want new and fast rigs but dont want the hastle of building them, so are going out and paying a lot LOT more for pre-built ones.

I can offer a Custom Build 3D Rig for all your 3D modelling needs, at a very competitive price.

I offer all types of systems around, including DUAL CPU systems, AMD and INTEL.

I am UK based so this service is mainly based for 3D Modellers and Video Editiors in the UK.

If interested in having a Custom Built - but cheap 3D box then please email me at [email protected] for more details.

I will either spec up a computer for you or tweak any systems you send me details of.

I also deal in Pre-Overclocked systems too.