View Full Version : NZLWUG (Kiwavers) - Sept Meeting, What happened...

09-18-2004, 09:23 PM
Heres a breakdown of the last LWUG meeting we had...

Many thanks to the horde that braved the icey weather to come along tonight.
Extra thanks go to Dave and Logan for bringing home made cookies and some
muffins (which I am guessing weren't as homemade as the cookies!) :-)

As always, started the meeting off with some videos - Thanks go to Anthony
for lending me his downloads of the 7-Up commercials created by french
company ' Partizan Midi-minuit' to show. For those who want to check out
what these 7-Up commercials are all about, you can read the interview (and
download the commercials) here at


I also showed the trailer from Taito's Space Raiders game (2002). All done
with LightWave and Digital Fusion (for compositing and DOF effects). Anthony happened to have a great book on Japanese Game animation, including an article on this great piece of animation...

This was followed by a look at a few showreels, animations, etc from the web.

I followed up with a session on Ambient Occlusion, and the new SG_AmbOcc
plugin available from


From how ambient occlusion works, through to some live examples using the
plugin, how to use the settings, and how the plugin can really 'dirty up' my
good old Marauder model! For those interested in seeing the difference, you
can view the Marauder image at Spinquad right here -


Many thanks to Gary for showing the group his great War of the Worlds
animation project he'd put together for his Natcoll assignment, and then
telling us in detail some of the hassles, techniques and ideas he'd applied
to the project.

Dave and Logan had put together an awesome little TVC for a competition
being run by Radio Station, The Edge. A great little ditty, with celshaded
characters and funny theme, we can only wish them good luck in the
competition! Also, thanks for showing us the models, rigs and some of the
scenes that made up this cool little advert!

For those interested in what this compo was all about (its closed now), check out:

Ok, so I couldn't resist! I'd modelled an environment - Sorta an industrial
dome-like building that just happened to make me think 'cool, this could be
a base for my character 'Captain Pukeko'. I've started a couple of scenes
for a short animation sequence of which I showed the simple animated scene
where the hero gets surprised by something. More coming soon (inbetweem all
the other projects obviously)

Ok, just to clarify what the competition is all about:

The theme is 'Don't walk on the grass'. Its taken from the old signs you
used to see in some parks, but like I said, you don't need a park (or even a
lot of grass!)

The animation can be any frame size you like, as long as you like and as
complex as you like - As long as the video file itself is less or equal to
1Mb in size, and it is an AVI, MPG-1 or MOV file.

I'd mentioned in my previous post that the animation was what happened when
someone disobeyed this warning as seen from the LightWave Security cameras.
No, you don't need to create security cameras, and no, the animation doesn't
need to be rendered as though from a security camera (but it could be an
interesting vantage point)

All the rules from the previous competition still apply. I'll try and get
something online asap...

I did a really quick example of a smoothshift-flip poly technique for 2D
edges on 3D models. Its a simple idea, but works very nicely.

Then it was over...

Many thanks again everybody. It was a great turnout, and nice to see so
many regulars again!