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09-17-2004, 08:34 PM
Before I get into the actual film....
Okay so why should anyone on this forum who's not an anime fan care about this film. Well this is the only film I've seen that has the Newtek logo in the credits And surprisingly this is the only 3D company that is credited. Yes the Discreet logo is also up there but common sense dictates that the when you see Discreet in film it's almost always for compositing and (almost) never for 3DS Max. Adobe and D-Storm (go to company in Japan for Newtek products) where the only other recognizable companies I remember. Surprisingly no mention of Softimage even though this is the lead story over on www.xsibase.com . Did I missed the Avid logo? I'll make my next post about the actual film.

09-17-2004, 08:48 PM
Here is my 2 cents

I just got back from seeing Innocence, Ghost in the Shell 2 for the uninformed. I have one thing to sayÖ. DVD SUCKS! I had already seen the DVD and thought I knew what to expect, but I was so wrong. Film still kicks @$$! Iíve been doing this a lot lately with foreign films, importing the DVD before the American release. Usually when I see a film in the theater after seeing it on DVD I am under whelmed. I have even in some cases skipped seeing it in the theater altogether. Iíve seen a lot of American distributors screw up foreign films, Miramax and Empire Films to name a few. This is not the case with GoFish Films. They did it perfectly. They didnít change anything except the credits. I think I was the only person in the theater that was surprised when the title came into focus with that ďGhost in the Shell 2Ē stacked perfectly on top of ďInnocenceĒ.
The picture was just so massive. And everything was on such a grand scale that it could only truly be appreciated on the big screen. There was a lot more detail in the dark and light areas. I never noticed the veins in the feet during the skin grafting sequence in the opening. And the audio is simply exquisite. So many Hollywood movies do so little digital surround sound. My hat is off to Skywalker Ranch. When Batouís houndís tail wags from one side of the screen to anotherÖ..Maybe I should actually comment on the content of the film itself.
Yes the plot is relatively simple, but it is told in a complex way. A lot of people have complained about the way characters communicate through quotation, but I did not find it to distracting. I thought the dialog was going to be all quotes the way people were complaining. In reality this material makes up less than a tenth of the total dialog. Some of the characters in my favorite novels communicate in this manner. I donít think this would be such a big issue if you could hear the characters in your native language. Itís actually the tech talk and yakuza angle that is most needlessly confusing.
As for the visuals? It may sound like Iím in love with every aspect of this movie, but Iím really not. Yes this film is gorgeous, but sometimes it does feel like the animators are showing off. I like films were impressive visuals are just kind of thrown away in the background. Here they are front and center yelling, ďLook at me! Look what I can do!Ē
I liked the little things they donít call attention to like how much a car sinks or rises when Batou gets in or out of it. (Heís one heavy cyborg)
And the underlying theme of the film? Some reviewers say itís the same as the first. I think itís a slightly different perspective. The first film asked, ďWho am I?Ē (As an individual) The second film asks ďWho are we?Ē (As a race) If there where a third film I would hope it would attempt to answer those (thatís an ambitious, arrogant, and kind of impossible taskÖ forget I brought it up). While some things were kind of bloated and heavy handed like the majorís ďreturnĒ. I do like the fact she didnít come back in a recognizable form. My favorite scene was probably the last one. The way the final 2 cuts summed up the entire film was probably the most perfect ending Iíve ever seen in a movie. Ryuhei Kitamura says holding a frame like that for a long time is a very Japanese aesthetic, but I donít think Iíve seen much of this outside of Oshii films.
In the end this isnít my favorite film of the year, but this is the best experience Iíve had in a movie theater in years.

09-20-2004, 09:54 AM
Very good movie, first time I've seen one of his movies on the big screen. I have to agree, that DVD (even when played on a hi-def wide-screen big mo-fo TV with monster 15" woofers and SDS/DD watts-O-glory), well, it doesn't even come close to real film in a real theator.

I took the family, had a great time (my kids are only now able to fully appreciate sub-titled movies). After the movie, a number of people in the audience exclaimed that it was better than the original GITS. I'll just say I liked them both very much. The visuals of GITS2 where breathtaking, though!