View Full Version : Unreal halftone

09-17-2004, 06:11 AM
Hi there - yet another user trying to figure out the fantastic Unreal Extreme Celshader!! :rolleyes:

yeah, yeah, donb't worry I'm not going to moan about the lack of an English translation hehe! What I would like to know is how to set up halftones in unreal. I've managed to activate them, but at the moment they are overlaid over the object as a uniform texture, but I can't find anyway of controlling the density of the half-tone dependant on the tone of the underlying celshading - e.g. in a highlight area the dots should be quite small and spaced apart in contrast to a shadow area where the dots are large and merge into each other. I've tried messing around with the input buffer set to "shading", but it doesn't seem to affect the density of the halftone texture.

I also notice that something called a "Tone Map" is mentioned on the unreal site that seems to indicate hatching that will follow the contours of the object, but can't locate it anywhere in the interface. I'm using version 1.00c running in lightwave 7.5d on Mac OS 10.3.5, is the halftone/tonemap controls etc only in the newer windows/lw8 version?