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09-17-2004, 03:33 AM
Ok this isn't the first SDI card I have installed in a system so I am a bit confused here as to what the problem is.

I dropped in an SDI card from NewTek today in a machine with all the right goodies for happy operation and has worked wonderfully with the SX-8 attached to the VT3. So, with the SDI card this is a 3 connection bridge deal here.
I have never done a SDI card add on to a current VT3 equipped system however.

When I first put the whole thing back together with the SDI card joining the family - I started up the box and windows wanted to install the Video Toaster Driver as it had moved from one PCI slot to the other. I said groovy and clicked okay.

When I fired up VT3 , everything was fine as well, no error messages on start up. I switched the input to SDI on the switcher buss and joy! the still frame of video I had on the digibeta was now on my VT3 Vision PGM out as well as the output monitor connected to the SX-8. It looked great. Then I hit play on the digibeta deck and saw the picture move on the monitor connected to the digibeta deck composite output - but the frame of video I had on my VT3 and the output monitor was the same as before. I did a take to black and did another take back to SDI. I got half an image of what was there before. I shut VT3 down. Started it back up. Nothing happend when I switched to or away from the SDI input on the switcher. Only black. Rebooted the machine. Same deal. Did my magic "Kill Explorer, Run Explorer Trick" (which works for almost any problem that usually people will reboot the box for) and nothing. Once I did get a thin green line across the monitor window. But so far after trying just about every thing I know the best I can get is the "Potential Driver Lock UP" Warningand that is a comes and go type of situtation right now.

Now, to get the card in the machine, I did have to move the VT3 down a slot as I mentioned and WindowsXP installed the VideoToaster driver when I booted it back up. Would this screw up VT3 somehow and cause this problem without a re-install first? I can re-arrange the cards back to the way it was and transplant the Videocard card to a new spot (I had concerns over heat which is why I move the VT3 down) instead. But beyond this potential possibilty for a fix - has anyone ever had a VT3 SDI card die on them with in seconds on a machine? What is the failure rate for these cards? Is it totally unheard of or have there been a few in a batch somewhere that went rotten?
Paul L. - Please drop me a line and let me know about this. And if anyone else as a dealer or user who might have seen this before and knew why it happened and a possible fix for it, please let me know.
If I have to send back the card. I need an answer today. I am calling tech support first thing in the morning, but I literally want to find out before the lines open up for business in TX. So I can pack it up and call FedEx instead to return it for a replacement.

Oh yeah, I have taken the proper buss speeds for optimal peformance rules into acccount. Something I know can produce a video driver lock up error. However the VT3 is in the correct spot with nothing else on that same PCI buss. I have not seen any info about the SDI card preference. Does it have one? And instead of this stupid bridge card thing, maybe cable instead with the bridge card on the other end which can be tucked way and makes the whole thing feel less like a bad idea?

Drop me a line or respond here.


Paul Lara
09-17-2004, 07:10 AM
Paul L. - Please drop me a line and let me know about this.

Make sure none of the pins on the bridge card or the SDI's MovieBus connector have been bent. It sounds as if the SDI is getting power but something's happening to the video flow.

I don't believe the PCI slot the VT[3] uses is noted on install, so changing slots should not be the cause of this.

09-17-2004, 02:59 PM
The pins were the first thing I checked when I pulled the card out. Everything was fine on all three cards. There is just simply no video.

I can't screw around with this. I might try it in one other machine with the other card here, but if it doesn't work on immediate plug in, its going straight back to Gary with a note for the engineering group and your QA people.

I reallly hope VT4 has SDI on it or the SX-8 connections right off the bat with the HD path clearly thought out because I can't imagine the clusterFxck it would be to bolt all of these different things together and try and jam them into a system. One card, one cable, break out box. multi format i/o. At least that's my hope. If its anything else, stop right in your tracks now before shooting yourselves in the foot. I don't care if god himself is the reason, don't do it. Paul. I am completely serious here.
This is getting a little silly.

09-18-2004, 11:14 PM

I know Paul said to check pins and you did. You may want to recheck them. We had a similiar problem with our SDI that was installed and removed several times a while back. We checked the pins and they looked fine. Finally checked them again and at the far end of one row of pins the last one was bent flat and you could barely even see it.

Good luck,

09-19-2004, 12:35 AM
If a pin was bent flat dead out of the connection, then how did I get a frame of video in the first place?

The card is ---- toast ----