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09-16-2004, 01:34 PM

my 2 gig p4 cpu is going bad and will need replacing before i can do any serious rendering again (cause it's crash prone)

I have an asus p4s533 mobo, which will apparently only take up to a 2.8 cpu. Figuring it's better to upgrade higher if i have to get a new cpu anyway, i'm thinking to get a new mobo also. i do need an upgrade in render times (dont we all ;)

has anyone found a good cpu/mobo combo in the 3+ gig range that performs well in LW ? and doesn't cost too much...

i'm wondering if i should go athalon, but i hear LW is optimized for p4...? And are dual processors really utilized by LW?

my intel cpu only lasted about a year and a half, by the way, without any heavy render usage (i was just going to begin that!). maybe a dozen overnights all told...good fans, etc. not too pleased with this!

i guess i should mention i have 1 gig ram and a geforce4 4600 graphics card.

Any advice from experience is appreciated,
Nancy J

09-16-2004, 02:27 PM
Well I have number of systems of which I like my AMD 64 the best. It also has SSE II like the P4, so LW will utilize it just as well (unlike the Athlon XP!). I have a 3200+ on an MSI NEOFSR2 Mainboard which is a relatively cheap but very stable and fast option. Look out with RAM tho, If you want optimal performance youll need CAS3 or less capable ram. It will work with less but you need to be sure to turn down the memory options in the bios.

Dual processors are supported by LW but not all plugins work with multithreading (most default plugins do work).