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09-15-2004, 09:41 PM
Hello everyone. I just wanted to ask a question on one of the plugins that come with Lightwave 7 as well as 8.

The Digital Confusion plugin causes this awkward line that makes parts of the hotspots within non-focused areas that it renders transparent. If you don't fully understand, I have a picture of it shown below.


This is just a simple scene. I created a bunch of random points and then turned them into one point polygons. Loaded them up in Layout, moved the camera close enough to fill the shot, and turned on Enhanced Low antialiasing. To show the defect, I loaded up Digital Confusion, set the Focal Distance to a small amount so you can see the bright polygons blur into the Disc shape that I have selected, and set the F-stop to 1 so they blur enough. I had also set the polygons Particle Size to 5 pixels and Luminosity to 500% so they were bright enough.

Whenever I use the Disc shape, as you can see, part of the disc is not there as if a line was drawn to erase it (not saying that's what the plugin does).

I was wondering if anyone else has this problem and if it is a defect of the plugin or if the disc shaped blur would really do that. If it is just rendering a blocking of the light diffusing off of some object; like when you look at a bright light, and if you close your eyes slightly, you can see a silhouette of your eyelashes. Though the thing is I do not have anything close to the camera that would do that.

Or can I guess that it has something to do with the fact that the plugin is trying to render the shutter passing on by. Though that is not it I think because when I move forward in the animation, even inside second intervals, it still shows up in exactly the same place.

The thing that confuses me is that when I set the Rotation around, it moves vertically. At one setting it's barely there but still cuts off part of the disc.

Thank you.