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09-14-2004, 07:44 PM
I got out and purchased a new VT3 system with the SX-8, RS-8. I told the Computer place no holds bar- I want an awesome machine- In all it cost $10,400.00. I've done 2 shoots now, and it locked up on both. One shoot was a 4 camera angle. Here's the specs as I know them.

supermicro rackmount case
supermicro x5da8 motherboard
1 gig pc2100 ECC/REG Ram
3.06 GHZ Xeon--- maybe dual??
DVD Burner
73 Gig SCSI HDD X 4
300 Gig Backup HDD.
80 Gig system HDD.

I understand that it could be something dumb like a defective harddrive or RAM, but I was wondering if there is anything else that could be wrong. Like the SX-8 or RS-8- anything could be helpful.


09-14-2004, 08:04 PM
When is it locking up? What are you doing with the machine? Are other programs running? Can you repeat the lock up? etc...

Answer these and any other of life's pertinant questions and enlightenment may be yours....


09-14-2004, 08:32 PM
The one event we were shooting with 4 cameras. I was running the mouse and keyboard, along with the RS-8. I would get the titles ready to go for the guy running the RS-8. B4 the shoot we designed various titles to go with the program of peoples names, and main points they were talking about- I designed them in Aura with graphics to fly in with them. I would tell him take and he would use the DSK key to bring them in. After about 20 minutes the mouse would no longer work I would try to click on the new title and it would'nt do anything, but the RS-8 still worked for a little bit after- we thought just keep rolling without titles a least we're getting the footage, but then the preview and program VT-Vision screen started flickering and would say no video option or something -then it just quit all together.
- At that point I just rebooted frantically, and we missed about 5 minutes of the program- we hit record on the main cam with a tape in it, but now thats a lot of extra editing I don't want.

- Later we figured lets just not try using any graphics during the shoot, maybe its just too much load on the computer, but about 45 minutes later same thing the RS-8 just quit working and the title came on the screen again. We had to reboot and at that time the main cam we just left recording the whole time, so it can be mixed cleanly in.

It locked up one more time with about 5 minutes left in the program, but for some reason the cam that it was on looped through the machine, and we were able to continue to record, so the rest of the program was just one angle.

this is a lot of info

09-14-2004, 08:34 PM
I forgot to answer if any other programs were running. the answer is not outside of VT3. I did have the VT-Edit screen up. And the first time it locked up I had VT-Edit and Aura all on different modules.

09-30-2004, 12:22 PM
I just got back from a 5 day shoot.

the first hour of the first day- the computer locked up twice.... This time it would make a noise that it was searching for new hardware or something.

I unplugged the RS-8 unit from the system and used the keyboard for swithing and it never locked up again. 37 hours of filming!!! I had 7 inputs into the unit 4 cams, 1 power point presentation, and 2 VTRs. I felt much better.....

Now the question is. Has anyone had any problems with the RS-8 unit(Switcher). It uses USB- I'm wondering if XP sees it sometimes and wonders what is this thing. I know nothing of programming so I don't know if there needs to be a patch or something to fix this.

I have a shoot in Atlanta Georgia next week and would love to use the RS-8 for this so I can have more leverage with titles.

-Just FYI -- the keyboard --> F1-F8 is hot switcher between input sources.... the number 1 through 8 is the preview switch. and pushing A or the spacebar fades between program and preview. I think A is more effective though.


09-30-2004, 06:22 PM
Now the question is. Has anyone had any problems with the RS-8 unit(Switcher). It uses USB- I'm wondering if XP sees it sometimes and wonders what is this thing. I know nothing of programming so I don't know if there needs to be a patch or something to fix this.

They don't call it "shrug and pray" for nothing.

I did tech support for a local school system for a while. There was a problem with USB scanners and Win2K. If I remember correctly, the scanner would have to be connected to the computer before booting to work properly. Connecting the scanner after the computer had booted was iffy at best.

Does WinXP fail to see the RS-8 when you connect it after booting the computer, before booting the computer or a random combination of both?

Have your dealer check your RS-8 to make sure it's functioning properly and try it on another system to see if your unit fails with the second system. This is where "service after the sale" comes in.

11-26-2004, 09:16 PM
OK I'm convinced now that USB was not the best way to hook the RS-8 unit to the toaster.... Is there any other RS units that hook in another way...
We need to get away from plugs like USB, Firwires, and anything else that can fall out easily- lets get back to BNC plugs that you have to twist to unhook, and more solid ways. I love the way the SX-8 hooks in(With Screws) is there anything like that in a RS unit?

During live shoots if windows decides that it doesn't recognize the RS-8 unit it will make some noises and it comes through on the final tape- however without the unit our keyboard becomes the switcher and is now tied up doing that instead of creating titles and other important operations- I thought at first that the unit wasn't working right but as we would move and switch it would start to make the windows noise- it turns out that the USB plug was connecting and disconnecting with movement making it impossible to use unless we gently switched and like a cat tip toed whenever near the VT3 while switching.

any suggestions.