View Full Version : Different Screaming Problem

09-14-2004, 08:30 AM
So, I thought I would show students how to use Screamernet at the college where I am teaching Lightwave. It works for me at home where I am running LW8.0 (caveat, see me other post; it works but does crash once in a while). Anyway, the college is runnign 7.5c. I set up the screamre nodes, and when I run them I get a crash/debug notice. Every time; the cmd window appears, and it says lwsn is starting, indicates the LWSN build (583), and then a system debug notice comes up offering my the memory address where the failure occured. :(

Anybody ever run into this?

I tried eliminating the network from the equation (put everything on a local drive, and ran the node locally) but got the same results.

Suggestions appreciated.