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09-09-2004, 11:37 AM
Hey, all.

I was here some time ago as ncc1701a. (Had probs logging in again...)

Anyway, is there any known way to show colors and textures in 7.0 as CMYK rather than RGB? :confused:

I've got a new, picky client at work who wants to do 3D work with my company, but is disconcerted that the colors we input through the OSX color picker change.

We may pick out, say, 78/28/78/98, as the desired color, name and apply it to the object...and then open the color back up in the Surface Editor, only to find it has changed to: 100/100/100/0!!! :mad: :mad:

Did I miss a page in the manual? :eek:

Any suggestions would be helpful...


09-09-2004, 03:40 PM
No, there is no way to use CMYK inside LightWave. To do so would mean having to rewrite the renderer again from scratch and upsetting the vast majority of LightWave users that want to use LightWave for video work. To get accurate CMYK colours you will need to do some post-render work in Photoshop...


09-10-2004, 07:24 AM
Thanks for the response!

Now we're just gonna have to tell the client that...URGH! :(

09-10-2004, 07:55 AM
Your best bet is going to be to use your art package with a set of colour swatches to convert from CMYK to RGB and then enter the RGB values in LightWave. Then, once the renders are done, to convert the RGB render back into CMYK. It won't be exactly accurate, but it will be close enough that some colour correction in your art package will give you the results you and your client require...