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09-09-2004, 06:13 AM
Hi people!

We're still recruiting for Captain Scarlet - hopefully Chuck and co. won't mind me posting this in the Community section :) We need all the talented LightWavers we can find! - Here's the ad...


This exciting and groundbreaking series currently in production at Pinewood Studios, UK, is interested in hearing from talented Lightwave and Maya artists and animators. Recruitment is on-going as there is nearly another year to go before completion of the project. Our database of people interested in working on the show needs refreshing!

Specific positions we are looking to fill are currently:

∑ Technical Directors - with Lightwave

∑ Lightwave Lighters / Texturers / Modellers / Animators

∑ Character modellers - Maya character modellers, to work on human models

∑ Digital storyboarders - knowledge of Maya needed, but with understanding of composition, camera angles etc that are required for storyboarding

∑ Motion Capture - we are interested in hearing from anyone with experience in any part of the Motion Capture pipeline, you must have knowledge of Motionbuilder, and preferably Maya and any other appropriate software.

Applications for these positions and any other interested people should send a reel and cv to the address below (VHS, DVD, or CD). Please note all applications require examples of your work (ie emails must have examples attached, or at the very least a link to a website where work can be viewed) .

All positions are 'in house' and as such you must be able to commute/relocate accordingly.

Salary is negotiable at interview.

Apply to:
Jon Roper
Captain Scarlet Recruitment
C/o Lane Fabian-Jones
Pinewood Studios
Iver Heath

[email protected]

Good luck if you should choose to apply! - Andy.