View Full Version : Wheel-Anim/w ClothFX - Question

09-08-2004, 10:26 AM
Hi All:

I am trying to figure out ClothFX. I have a wheel rolling down a
collision plane then climbing up a .5M step. Everything is working OK
in the calculation until the wheel comes to the top of the step. BTW
the step is another collision object (Box). The poly's of the wheel
are getting stuck at the corner and do not what to follow the wheel
for a few frames. What is causing this, any ideas of a workaround?
When I get this figured out I will be loading this into a more
complex scene file with other wheels of the vehicle.

I have a small DIVX anim. 200kb I will send you if you want to see
what I am talking about. Here is an image of the anim. showing the problem.

Don Adams