View Full Version : VT2 Problems - DDR audio, DDR playing clips, build 3890, windows xp

09-07-2004, 10:44 AM
I originally had VT2 running on Windows 2000 Server and upgraded to build 3890. I had always had stuttering problems when playing two clips in two separate DDRs.

This summer I performed a clean install and loaded windows xp onto the computer. It is an Athlon XP 1900+ wiht 512mb ram. A new problem arose - occassionally the DDRs would not produce audio though it was seen in the audio mixer. When I restarted, the problem went away.

For the DDRs - I was playing DV-AVIs captured in Premiere Pro 1.5. The hard drive configuration is as follows: One 80 GB - 30gb OS, 40gb software raid, 10gb extra;; One 40GB - 40GB software raid

I was thinking about adding another 80GB, and create a hardware raid array (thus freeing up CPU power) of the two 80gbs and using the 40gb for the OS. I was also considering upgrading to 1gig of ram. This may solve the stuttering problems, but what about the audio disappearing?

Any ideas on both the DDRs stuttering and the audio?

Jim Capillo
09-07-2004, 11:20 AM
You may be a bit thin on the processing power and drive bandwidth. But there are other possibilities. What are you running for a video card/software? Have you recently defragged your drives? You may want to bump up to at least 1 gig RAM..... and consider a SATA RAID - if you cannot afford a SCSI RAID.

There are so many factors that affect performance that it is hard to nail one specific symptom down. I would take a hard look at Newtek's recommended hardware profile and decide where to put your money. There are many more folks that are having few problems than those that are having constant woes. While I'm not a hardware "guru", I would guess that you need to look at a hardware upgrade, especially if you're considering the VT[3] upgrade or beyond.