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09-05-2004, 12:31 AM
hey all, im pretty new to lightwave and im learnning it alone. what im doing as a first step is that im reading the manual. i faced some questions so i hope i could find the answers here.
my first question is about round edges for squares, this is simmilar to fillets in Autocadİ. i need to draw a square for exampe with a rounded edges at a specific radius. how ? :)
secondly, im reading about the modifying panel in lightwave modeler and how different tools have different falloffs and i really didn't understand what is the difference between falloff mode. what does it mean if linear, radial, etc.
my next question is about UV & W maps, what do they mean and how are they used?
and finally, ive read something about Box modelling and Spline modelling, what are these and what are they used for, differences, etc.

09-06-2004, 09:10 PM
Ok, to answer your first question. When creating a box you can press the lower case "n" key (without the quotes). This brings up a numeric panel on this panel there is a place to change the radius. This effects all sides of the box however. Should you want to create a radius on one side of the box you would need to use a plug in called rounder. This plugin is included with version 8. Otherwise check on flay.com to find the location on the net to purchase that plugin.
Second question, I have not used fall offs that much to be very helpful here. However If you try out some of the tools you will find out that they are very similar just using different fall offs. For example the move tool and the magnet tool. The move tool moves just the selected points or polygons which I beleive the fall off is none. The magnet tool moves not only the selected points or polygons they also move an area around those selected, I beleive that is a radial fall off. I know some one will correct me on that if I am wrong, but it should give you an idea of the difference. Best bet is to just experiment with them and see how the points and polys move.
Third question, UV maps and Weight Maps. UV Maps are maps describing how the texture is to be placed onto your object. By editing a UV map you can literally move the texture around on your object until the texture looks like it should on your object. Weight maps are maps that are applied to the points of your object that can effect many different things. For example you can apply a weight map to an arm and then the bone would be set to effect only that weight map, therefore effecting just that arm.
Now your last question, Box modeling is creating a box and deforming it until you have created an object like a human head. Spline modeling is using splines similar to those in autocad. By using splines you can create an outline of an object in such a way that once it has been patch (that is the creation of polys) that you have an object with smooth curves that are hard to make by box modeling.

09-07-2004, 01:41 AM
thanx alot Silk,
im sure gonna read more about what you have told me.
ill try to get these ideas by myself and if i face any proplems ill come back here ! :D
thanx again!

09-07-2004, 02:01 PM
Hey Hands!
I have some free video tutorials on my site that cover several of the topics you mentioned. The videos are also available at the KURV site. Both links are in my signature. :)