View Full Version : IK not working?

09-01-2004, 10:50 AM
I have created a charcter. The character have a hand, the hand is composed from to parts which one is the parent of the other.
I have added a NULL point object and in the edge part of the hand I have entered motion option and set the NULL point object as the goal option.
I have also checked the Fulltime IK button.
For some kind of reason I dont see the hand move at all when I move the NULL point object, it is as if the IK doesnt work completly.
I didnt press unaffected from children at any of the objects.
Why the IK doesnt work? :confused:

09-01-2004, 11:01 AM
May I suggest that you take a look at Dan Ablan's free video tutorials on rigging a character.


I just went through them the other night and learned a lot. He goes over just the thing you're asking about. Hope that helps :)

09-01-2004, 02:07 PM
You need to make sure that IK is turned on in the Setup Tab