View Full Version : Where did my dongle GO!!!

04-03-2003, 02:38 AM
I think lightwave is trying to punish me. Have not used it for cough a few months. Re booted to windows 2000 and no lightwave 6.5b :(.

Still cannot get it to work after many many hours (that will teach me to not use light wave for so long)

This is what I have done (ignoring the many many dead ends)

1. Got new parallel port dongle
2. Installed new dongle drivers
3. Found out that NT did not see the printer port! (should be noted other boot on the same machine (98 yuk) could see the port and LW runs fine then and now . . .
4. Found out that the bios had turned printer port off
5. Turned printer ports on
6. Tried automatic configs . . .
7. Went to 98 took a look at the settings it used irq dma addresses
8. Made win 2000 use the same settings

LW still refuses to see my dongle, printer port is sitting there nice and healthy now but no LW *cry*

Anyone have any suggestions *hope*


04-03-2003, 02:55 AM
After posting the above I decided to try one more thing.

Uninstalled the nice brand new drivers for rainbow (WE KILL YOUR LIGHTWAVE) technologies.

After that is still did no work so I installed the nonmsi version (its nice and small) and voila.

Lightwave has come home to play weeeee.

Now I get to sleep, going to bed at 2am after 4 hours of frustration is so much better when you won at the end rather than lost.